A Conscious Conglomerate of Guides
from the Causal Realm

The Team refers to a multidimensional group of non-physical guides from the Causal Realm. The Causal Realm is part of the Cosmic Intelligence Body, which is beyond our time-space continuum. These guides, who have not been in human form, do not individuate as we do. They refer to themselves as a conscious conglomerate.

The Team provides information, guidance and insight in deep-trance channeled sessions, as well as channeled workshops. In all channeled work, The Team’s intention is to support each individual soul’s unique evolutionary journey, helping people live in I AM consciousness and return to the One.

The Team has extensive knowledge on an astounding range of topics that provides empowering insight into each person’s unique journey. These guides highlight the way we use essential life-force, showing 
us how and where we are evolving and how and where we are stuck. 
The Team then provides step-by-step instructions on how to free 
our energies so we may live in I AM consciousness.

The Team provides compassionate, wise and accurate information 
and multidimensional healing with a refreshing sense of humour. 
The guides do not adhere to any specific religion or spiritual practice, but use various religious paradigms in order to best communicate 
with each person.  The Team meets everybody where he/she is at without attachment or judgment and will only communicate information that the individual is able to manage.

In The Team's words:

"We are a conglomerate of energy in constant co-creation…
to facilitate the process of evolution. We are here to provide meaning to the challenges that humans face in their Earth existence. We are here to be of service to clarity and expansion of the soul's evolutionary journey into freedom and magnificence."

At the Team’s request, in exchange for the wisdom and healing they provide, a percentage of fees is donated to reforestation.


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