B.E.S (Architecture)

Certified Yoga Instructor

20 years channeling, healing and teaching experience

The Channel came into contact in 1993 with a group of guides from the Causal Realm after a near death experience during concentrated spiritual practice while living in India. Working in co-creation with Nature Devas, she learned how to allow this magnificently powerful and compassionate force called The Team, move through her. Soon the power and accuracy of channeled sessions surpassed her already active career as a medical intuitive, clairvoyant and energy healer. Channeling The Team is one of the ways she lives her life in service.

As a channel and counsellor, she has worked with a wide range of individuals and groups, ranging from those with chronic, terminal or undiagnosed yet repeated diseases, to those who simply seek more clarity along their life path. It is a deep joy for her to see the profound and lasting effect that The Team has on people’s lives, especially in people’s ability to find meaningful and permanent fulfillment and joy.

What the Team says about The Channel:

"She is a facilitator of multi-dimensional, embodied Knowing.

This is expressed in the form of love, love for life, a celebration

of human magnificence… She is a transformer of human consciousness."


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