“My sessions with The Team have been some of the most profound,
eye opening experiences I've ever had. Some way, some how,
the guides "know" all about you, and provide the most accurate, nonjudgmental, compassionate advice, to help you reach your full potential. Every friend I have referred to see the Team has been blown away! If you have ever wanted to ask God a series of questions and were able to actually hear the answers, this is the next best thing!”

E.B., photographer

“The guidance The Team provides is deep, compassionate and precise.

I have been working intensely with them for nearly 2 years and it has

been nothing short of transformative. I feel so blessed for the guidance.”

R.D.  documentary maker

"The Team has an astounding command of proper species names, Latin and a working knowledge of disease and healing modalities.

I was most impressed with their ability to diagnose patients through DNA resonance, and their willingness to discuss how/what they do."

M.J., doctor of chiropractic

"The session turned our lives around. We feel stronger now knowing that the prayers that we seek are truly heeded. It is as if a weight has been lifted from our hearts and our lives."

R and S.P., architect and engineer, couple

“The Team gives you the most incredible advice and perspective about your life's most important questions and issues: relationship, career, emotions, health... How The Team is able to provide such accurate and relevant advice and wisdom about you specifically is simply beyond comprehension. A "MUST" experience for anyone looking for answers to the big questions.”

M.B., waiter

“A session with The Team is like a year of psychotherapy packed into one hour. The Team is simply amazing!”

R.B., seeker

"I have done a lot of inner work over the years, but nothing was able to touch me as deeply as your work. I feel a big weight lifted off my shoulders; instances from my past are now clearer. That was very profound."

E. Z., designer

"A very profound experience - totally amazing."

P. N., accountant

"I had not been able to get pregnant since my last miscarriage. I am so happy! I now have a beautiful boy thanks to your care."

R.L., mother

"The channeling was amazing: very real and helpful to step back to get a bigger perspective and a more precise understanding. It was mind-boggling in the best sense: inspiring and confirming of deeper truths. The session was structured in a professional, respectful and supportive way."

S.M., shiatsu/cranial-sacral therapist, yoga/vocal coach.

"I have been stuck in this place for years. It was such a relief

to be finally able to release and move on."

N.S., film-director

"Relaxing but stimulating - vibrations in my body - rearranging, clearing, opening, freeing..."

S.V., massage therapist

"That was right on. Your session has meant so much to me.

I am "Inform" at last...!"

P. K., writer

"An incredible experience. The pain is gone!"

J. H., television producer

"That was the most amazing day of my life."

C.G., musician


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