1. 1)What is the difference between a Deep-Trance Channeling and Integrative Counselling?

In a Deep Trance Channeled session, The Team speaks through the channel so that people may speak directly to the guides. The Team also provides remedies and essences and facilitates powerful multidimensional healing. Integrative Counselling is only offered to those who have already met The Team and wish for additional support to integrate their session and implement changes in their lives.

2) What questions can I ask The Team?

You may ask anything that supports your highest good such as, daily concerns (relationship, money, career…), health issues (allergies, diet, chronic pain…), emotional blocks (unresolved anger, grief, fear…), life stresses (worry, restlessness, frustration…), spiritual growth (spiritual practice, energy blocks, life patterns, past lives, energy attachments, entities…). Be as specific as you can. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. The Team does not inhabit our time/space continuum. If you ask, "Will I succeed at…?" the answer could be yes, but it may not be in a time frame that you consider satisfactory.

3) What questions can I not ask The Team?

The Team will not provide personal information about a third party without consent, or discuss anything that is not in your highest good or the highest good of all.

4) How do I prepare for a Deep-Trance session?

A session with the Team is co-creative. The Team will meet and support your enthusiasm for self-knowledge, growth and taking charge of your own life. It is good therefore to write out questions to ask the guides. You can phrase questions in the following manner, "Is it in my highest good to…?" or "Is it in alignment with Nature to…?" or "Does it support my soul directive to…?". Before a session, you will be helped to polish your questions if you so need, so you don’t need to feel you must have all your questions perfectly figured out prior to a session. It is good however to have a sense of what you want from the session. Come open, ready and willing to grow.

5) What can I expect from a Deep-Trance session?

You will gain precise, deep insight into areas of your life that are masked from your conscious perception. The Team works co-creatively to workshop new consciousness muscles with you, so that when you leave, you have learned new skills. You are not passively being told things, but are given a chance to become the central, dynamic force in creating the life you want. The Team’s sense of humour and compassion helps to make growth feel not only possible but exciting. In deep trance sessions, you will also experience energy clearing. The most common feedback from all channeled work is feeling lighter, more open and expanded after a session. The work is very deep, lasting and powerful.

6) Will The Team tell me about my past lives or my future?

These guides are not entertaining oracles or fortune-tellers. The Team will discuss past lives or future tendencies if it is in your highest good to do so. The Team works in present time In the present you can choose to create the life you want.

7) Why is The Team channeled?

The Team: "We are here to provide meaning to the challenges that humans face in their Earth existence, to be of service

for clarity and expansion of the soul's evolutionary journey

into freedom and magnificence." The channel has been channeling these guides for life times.

8) Is the channeled transmission clear?

For optimal clarity and safety, the channel establishes a specific connection to The Team so that information is pure and concise. The Team will not speak if the connection is unclear or if there is interference present. If there is interference in the atmosphere or in the person’s energy field, The Team will do energy clearing until the transmission is pure and safe for all.

9) If The Team is wise, why do we need to ask questions?

We are each responsible for our own evolution. Each moment is a powerful opportunity to step into the fullness of who we are and interact with the universe to co-create a life rooted in joy. It is up to us to ask.  It is up to us to be open, ready and willing to release, renew and live a life rooted in the positive possibilities.

10) How often can I have a Deep-Trance channeled session?

Each person and each session is unique. How often a person will see The Team depends on personal need and rate of growth. Some clients have Deep-Trance sessions once a week when going through powerful growth. Some clients have a Deep-Trance session once a quarter if that is their flow. Some people find that a Deep-Trance session provides enough support for three to six months. Some choose to have an annual Team check-up.

11) What is the site called co-create? What is co-creation?

The Team said that what they are providing is a “co-creative venture”. Co-creation refers to the constant interaction between the individual and the universe. We can either co-create in the positive possibilities and amplify joy and evolution in our lives, or we can co-create in the impossibilities and amplify fear and disconnect. In a positive possibilities co-creation, our personal will is aligned with the power of wisdom-compassion, the essential life force that moves through all. As we choose to follow our joy, we support joy blossoming in our life and in the world. As we listen to our own inner guidance, we also listen to the universe. As we create a life of compassion, we co-create with the universal life force and support magnificence.

12) What are the positive possibilities?

The positive possibilities is state of being, connected and interconnected to the essence of life, which is love. A world based on the positive possibilities is a world where each of us experiences being a loved, welcomed and an integral part of a much greater intelligent whole. Our very essence is experienced as love. What is meant by love is not sentimental romance, but wisdom-compassion, the essential life-force. The only reality is love and love is all things. There is no separation. There is only a continuum of love that expands through all time and space. That is reality. A person resonant in the Positive Possibilities is one who lives these truths in a moment to moment basis, a person who understands that to do that which is good, respectful and loving to the self is good for all.

13) What are the impossibilities?

The impossibilities frequency is living life in fear and disconnect. The ruler of that limited domain is a distorted sense of self. This distortion is determined to control and manipulate all of reality to suit its belief that there is no love, that he/she is not welcomed in life and that there is no place for him/her on this planet. This reality is based on erroneous perceptions. Life is seen as against oneself, that life is happening to me. Life therefore is a continual struggle to survive and maintain a sense of limited reality rather than flow, allowing and possibility. Consciousness stuck in the impossibilities is at the root of all human suffering. Is it disconnected from love and therefore from life-force.

  1. 14)When can I have a session?

Integrative counselling sessions are usually possible within a day or two. Deep-Trance sessions are given once every five days.

  1. 15)What is your cancellation policy?

24 hour advance notice is required when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment, except in cases of illness, emergency or inclement weather. Cancellations without 24 hour notice will result in a charge for your session, as that time has been set aside specifically for you. Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive late, your session will be shortened to accommodate the lost time. Full payment for your session will be expected.


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